Your own power, a good feeling!


Your own power, a good feeling

Blauhoff BESS All-In-One Three Phase Storage Solution 3 Phase

KSTAR BluE series energy storage solution is the optimal choice for residential PV+ESS application. The AC capacity is 3 phase 10KW. The energy storage capacity can be configured as 10.2/20.4/30.6/40.8KWH.

Introducing the Blauhoff BESS All-In-One Three Phase Storage Solution: Unleash the Power of Triphase Energy; Experience the pinnacle of energy storage with the Blauhoff BESS All-In-One Three Phase Storage Solution. Created by the renowned brand Blauhoff, this cutting-edge system is designed to redefine residential PV+ESS applications. Powered by the highly acclaimed KSTAR BluE series, it offers unrivaled performance and versatility, making it the optimal choice for homeowners seeking an efficient and reliable energy storage solution.


  • With an impressive 3-phase AC capacity of 10KW, the Blauhoff BESS All-In-One ensures a robust and steady power supply for your residential needs. Whether you’re powering essential appliances or charging electric vehicles, this system is equipped to handle the demand with ease.
  • What sets the Blauhoff BESS All-In-One apart is its configurable energy storage capacity, which can be tailored to match your specific requirements. Choose from options such as 10.2KWH, 20.4KWH, 30.6KWH, or 40.8KWH, enabling you to optimize your energy usage and maximize efficiency.
  • Featuring a CATL high-performance LFP battery, known for being the best and most trusted Cell Supplier in the industry, the Blauhoff BESS All-In-One guarantees exceptional reliability and longevity. This advanced battery technology ensures optimal performance, allowing you to store and utilize energy efficiently.
  • Harness the power of the sun with the remarkable 20KW PV input capability of the Blauhoff BESS All-In-One. With 10KW charging and 10KW AC output capacities, this system optimizes energy generation and utilization, reducing reliance on the grid and maximizing your cost savings.
  • Thanks to its modular design, the Blauhoff BESS All-In-One offers expandability, allowing you to scale up your energy storage capacity by adding multiple 5.12KWH units. This flexibility ensures that your system can adapt to the evolving needs of your household.
  • Experience uninterrupted power supply with the 10KW 3-phase backup output of the Blauhoff BESS All-In-One. With an on/off grid switching time of less than 20ms, this system seamlessly transitions between power sources, ensuring continuous energy flow even during grid failures or outages.
  • The Blauhoff BESS All-In-One includes an Energy Management System (EMS), making it suitable for a wide range of applications. Whether you want to optimize self-consumption, implement time-of-use strategies, or enable demand response, the integrated EMS provides you with the necessary control and flexibility.
  • In off-grid mode, the Blauhoff BESS All-In-One supports up to four units in parallel for backup output, increasing redundancy and enhancing backup power capabilities.
  • With its sleek all-in-one design, the Blauhoff BESS All-In-One simplifies installation and minimizes space requirements. Benefit from its impressive efficiency rating of up to 97.6%, ensuring maximum utilization of stored energy and reducing wastage.
  • Rest assured knowing that the Blauhoff BESS All-In-One is built to withstand the elements with its IP65 protection. Additionally, the option for string monitoring provides real-time insights into the performance of your solar array, allowing for efficient monitoring and maintenance.
  • Enjoy easy installation and seamless operation with the Blauhoff BESS All-In-One, featuring a user-friendly digital controller that simplifies system configuration and management.
  • With a 10-year warranty and a lifespan of 10,000 cycles, the Blauhoff BESS All-In-One offers long-term reliability and peace of mind, ensuring that your investment is protected.

For customers in the Netherlands, take advantage of the special installation offer of only 750 euros, and embark on a sustainable energy journey with the Blauhoff BESS All-InOne Three Phase Storage Solution. Upgrade your energy storage system today and harness the power of triphase energy with the Blauhoff BESS All-In-One Three Phase Storage Solution.

More Information:

● CATL high performance LFP battery CATL is best and most expensive Cell Supplier
●  20KW PV input. 10KW charging and 10KW AC output

● Modular design. The energy storage system can be expanded by multiple 5.12KWH units
● 10KW 3phase backup output, on/off grid switching time is less than 20ms

● EMS included. It is suitable for various applications
● Maximum 4 in parallel in backup output (off-grid mode)

● All in one design
●  High efficiency up to 97.6%

● IP65 protection
● String monitoring optional

● Easy installation
● Digital controller

● DC/AC Surge protection

● Reactive power controller

● 10 Years Warantee

● 10000 Cycles

Blauhoff BESS All in one 10K/40KWH