Die eigene Kraft, ein gutes Gefühl!


Die eigene Kraft, ein gutes Gefühl

Die eigene Kraft, ein gutes Gefühl!
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Prismatic cells for the highest quality and longest service life, 8000 cycles and 10 years warranty on the cells at no additional cost and 5 years on whole.


Blauhoff Maxus All in One 1000K-2064kWh = 2 mWh Liquid cooled

Fully integrated ESS for easy transport and O&M.

Integrated and modular design allows quick set up and operation, per unit 2-3 hours of work

Blauhoff BLH-100K-2064kWh-Maxus, an all-in-one commercial and industrial ESS with liquid cooling, is integrated with energy storage converter, battery, BMS, EMS, thermal management, power distribution, fire protection, etc.

In this case, 8 pcs.

The all-in-one design is easy to install and O&M and equipped with Backup function and PV function.

The safety design of the system ensures better battery performance and longer lifetime
life. Multiple cabinet sets can be directly connected in parallel up to 30 pcs to realize energy storage
system expansion. It is super easy scalable and portable.

Liquid cooling :
The temperature drift of battery cells
in the whole system is within ±1.5°C due to
intelligent liquid cooling system. It can
prolong the system lifetime up to
30%, increase the long-term system efficiency
up to 88.5%.

The system has four levels of management
structure that can provide precise
short circuit protection, over current
protection, over voltage protection,
under voltage protection, over temperature
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Due to integration and complexity, this price is excluding VAT and excluding assembly.

Assembly is done by your local installer with the help of our technical staff.

Assembly goes with your local installer with help from our technical staff




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Blauhoff Maxus All in One 1000K/2064kWh Energy Storage Cabinet Liquid cooled