Your own power, a good feeling!


Your own power, a good feeling

Dynamic power contracts and Blauhoff

A dynamic power contract is a type of power contract where electricity and/or gas rates are directly linked to spot market prices.

BlauHoff storage systems, in addition to storing excess energy from your solar panels, are perfect for dynamic energy pricing. In fact, at the times when spot market energy prices are at their lowest, you can store this energy in your home battery using our proprietary smart hybrid inverters. This allows you to easily use this stored energy during peak times.
You can often buy cheap energy from offshore windmills in winter between 2.00-5.00 and in summer between 13.00-17.00 when the sun is shining, sometimes even for free 🙂

Dynamic power contracts ; Tibber, ANWB, Frank Energie and many more.

With a dynamic energy contract, the dynamic rate is determined on the “spot market”, the prices there change every day. You then pay to energy suppliers of dynamic energy tariffs the same price they pay themselves.

A dynamic energy contract is an indefinite term contract, often terminable daily and it works with hourly rates. The rates under a dynamic contract vary hourly and depend on supply and demand, by this is meant consumption and the generation and production of energy. You usually pay the bare purchase price at the time of consumption, but this is not true for all providers of dynamic energy tariffs. These energy contracts are also called a flexible energy contract.